Have baby will work. (Now and again. When it suits the family).

God I hope I don't see a baby over the next hour. The urge to grab it and put it on my boob my overwhelm me. That is assuming my boobs don't explode. I want to hang onto some dignity but I fear I am not alone.... anyone spent a night away from their breastfed bub only to be crippled by the agony of rock solid boobs?

I haven't spent a night away from my youngest yet,  and had to due to a work commitment.  Wow am I paying for it. He's still feeding two or three times a night so I am overflowing. (I don't have the emotional strength to justify time away from my child right now, it's a few hours, it was best for him and good for me, on paper. In practice I am nearly crying!) I have brought a hand held pump. I have hand expressed and there's no relief.

Oh and if the pain wasn't bad enough the embarrassment of having to ask a stranger to unzip my dress at the back to relieve the pressure of clothes on said boobs, well I am pretty sure I am headed for some sort of harassment case.

I know the baby is fine. He is nearly seven months and with my husband but this poor chest that has served me so fantastically over the last half year is taking a battering. I can't actually remember a time one bit of them didn't hurt. I would love to make an eloquent argument for and against breastfeeding but that's not my place. Decide for yourself. This wasn't meant to persuade you either way it was merely a statement of mitigation to the man I asked to unzip my dress and any babies I may stare at longingly on my way home.


Ps no judgement here. I support you. Feeding. Not feeding. Working. Not working. You're right. Xxx