I told myself for a long time that when I had kids nothing would change. What a load of naive bullshit that was! 

Everything changes, especially holidays! My kids are only one and three but I have already learned the hard way they don’t want to be on long haul flights or spend ages in a push chair. Throw my one year old nephew into the mix and a weekend away sounds far from relaxing right? Wrong! 

Step forward Darwin Forest. This is not an ad or a sponsored post this is a shout out for parents who want to relax and have some family time. I have always thought a weekend on a family camp site would be hellish. But this weekend has been heavenly. Maybe it was the luxurious lodge over looking a meadow and backing onto a woodland which meant our little boy tribe could run, crawl and clamber from dawn to dusk. 

Maybe it was the abundance of fresh air, sunshine and places to cook up stories about dinosaurs in the woods. Maybe it was the endless trails and tracks to explore or the mini golf and playground. Maybe it was a combination of all of those things that meant the kids slept and ate. When they napped we adults talked, sat in the jacuzzi, I managed a few woodland runs and we made the most of the beer garden. Yep that’s right we sat down and ate and drank stuff. (Granted Granny was always on duty. They always are aren’t they!)

It may only have been a long weekend in Derbyshire but I feel like I have had a fortnight on a beach and for god sake never tell my Mum I told you but she’s right, if you’re kids are happy. You’re happy. We might just have to abandon the idea of trekking the Mongolian Mountains on horseback for a while. My kids just want to climb trees in Darwin. 



Ps best chips I have eaten in years courtesy of the Foresters and cleanest soft play I have crawled around in months. We will be back.