Holiday Chaos

Mine is the three year old that pulls the picnic bench to the side of the pool and dives off it because you told him he couldn’t use the diving board on the big Boys pool!

Yes. You read that right. So, with the phrase: “if you can’t beat them join them” ringing in my head I let him go off the diving board into the big pool. Obviously I was underneath waiting to catch him and obviously he had a life jacket on, but even I was not prepared for the front flip he did at his first attempt.

To say he is a “character” is an understatement. To say bringing him and his one year old brother to Portugal by myself is a challenge is also a massive understatement.

My kids aren’t yet in school so I pounced on the opportunity of a few days in the Algarve while it’s still affordable and their schedules are not determined by school holidays and football clubs.

Flying with two in tow. Get a bag full of toys, snacks and the thing I never thought I would do.... an I pad with childrens headphones. A double buggy is a must, if I can get them in it it’s safe and they are strapped in. Meals out, errr don’t bother. For the beach I go at the start or end of the day when it’s not as hot.

Is it easy. No. Is it worth it. Yes. Between the tantrums and tears memories are being made and a cheap cocktail tastes twice as good as it should by the beach when they’re playing by your feet in the sand.

Ps I have spent a lot of time on beaches and Portugal’s beaches are possibly the cleanest I have seen.

Pps I apologise if my children have kissed you, high fived you or screamed at you while you were unsuspectingly enjoying a marina side meal. They have done all of the above to complete strangers.

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